Bb-Armr Anti-Terrorist And Crash-Rated Perimeter Protection

Bollards – Model B30 Bollard

Model B-30 Bollard System
Security Solution with Aesthetic Design

Product Name

Bollards – Model B30 Bollard

Product Code

Model B30 Bollard

Model 773 Series Drop Arm Barrier

The Model 773 M30 Drop Arm Barrier is developed to provide the lightest operation arm with the greatest energy absorption capability. Upon impact, the aluminum arm gives way to the energy absorption material secured inside. The impact energy is transferred to the foundation though the surface mount stanchions.

B&B ARMR’s Drop Arm Barriers are available with several enhancement options to easily adapt to suit any application. For extremely cold weather, the receiver/latch post may be equipped with a heater for uninterruptible operation or an electromagnetic lock can be installed for additional security during unattended times.

The Model 773 product line is developed with features and functions to allow for the easiest installation, maintenance and service.


K8 rating

Operate as a set or independently

Fixed and removable options

Precision machined anti-friction surfaces

Field adjustable controls

High cycles

Long-term durability

Lost casing design