L3 Security & Detection Systems

Ports & Borders Screening Systems – CX-Gantry®

Combines full coverage, high-resolution imaging and high penetration for clear images and quality detection.

L3’s CX-Gantry combines full coverage and high penetration while maintaining high resolution for optimum image quality. The CX-Gantry enables confidence in security and customs inspections of vehicles and cargo containers at borders, ports and high-threat facilities.

From fully loaded 18-wheelers to ISO intermodal shipping containers and automobiles, analysts can identify threats, contraband or misrepresented goods anywhere on the vehicle or container. L3’s CV 2™ software solution integrates data from a variety of scanning systems onto a single, centralized display. The software is a user-friendly, visually-based solution that allows analysts to quickly assess cargo contents locally or remotely for contraband and other illegal materials. Plus you can count on L3’s services and support teams to fully integrate the system into your workflow.

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Ports & Borders Screening Systems – CX-Gantry®

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Full coverage scanning

Gantry design enables efficient inspection of large freight loads

Backed by an experienced team of trainers and support engineers