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Explosives Detection Systems – eXaminer® SX

eXaminer® SX
Best value in advanced certified CT explosives detection in a compact size

Built on the proven eXaminer® 3DX computed tomography (CT) technology platform, the low-cost eXaminer SX features expanded imaging capabilities and meets standards for checked baggage explosives detection within a lighter, smaller framed system.

Suitable for airport lobbies, baggage make-up areas and full integration with baggage handling systems, the streamlined SX delivers operational throughput rates up to 360 bags per hour in-line and up to 300 bags per hour in a stand-alone configuration. The SX automatically clears non-threat bags for flight at a low false alarm rate, resulting in fewer bags sent to costly secondary search areas.

Using 3-D Continuous Flow CT technology, the eXaminer SX explosives detection system generates high-resolution 3-D color images in real time, including 360-degree rotational views of entire bags as well as individual threat objects. Using advanced image enhancement and threat assessment tools, operators can clear bags for flight or designate them for search. Flexible networking options link multiple eXaminer systems of any configuration (SX, 3DX and XLB) with their respective viewing systems and search workstations over a secure network, enabling airports to realize low staffing and operating costs.

Product Name

Explosives Detection Systems – eXaminer® SX

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eXaminer® SX


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TSA certified explosives detection system

EU Standard 3 CEP approved explosives detection system

Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) certified explosives detection system

STAC approved

Low cost, compact and light checked baggage scanner

Configurable as stand-alone, in-line or partially integrated system